Last year I was in a lot of pain. I had a frozen shoulder and severe back pain from a fall. I went to my local GP, they wanted to inject the inflamed area with cortisone. I refused as I don't believe it to be safe. So I saw a specialist who advised the same thing and an operation, once again I refused. In the meantime the pain was getting worse so I had acupuncture. I still could not raise my arm.

In February at a Modere Convention, somebody had a similar situation and advised me to take the Muscle and Bone Nutrients, two in the morning three at night same with Modere anti inflammatories and Modere Muscle Rub. Within a few days I felt relief and could raise my arm a little higher. By May, Sabine and myself went on a sea cruise. I was fully recovered at this stage and was doing activities I never thought I could do again. I thank Modere products for this miraculous recovery. Actually, it was expected. 
Written by John Hellewell


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