I had to under go major surgery, January 23rd 2017, here in Penang. The symptons leading up to this, was being ignored I suppose and as ignorance is thought to be easier, I paid a high price to be priviliged to be telling you this. For me to be telling you my story, since creating this group, and my honesty to you, I hope will help you acknowledge the importance it is to change your bad habits. I have just realised today that my pillow is hair free..for a long time I have been losing it, not in chunks but quite a few everyday. This morning, for the first time, I did not have a single hair on my pillow case! This wasn't really my main concern for my operation, but the feeling of your gut occasionally being on fire, excessive bleeding while menstruating, low iron reading.....My doctor focused on the lining of the uterus, telling me I had was iron deficient through this problem, when all along it was my own defenses in my gut that was fighting so hard against the real problem. I had a polyp. This polyp opened, my main intestine was actually growing out of this and was ready to explode hence the pains I endured in the lead up to the op, thinking it may have been the change of diet etc being here in Penang and as the local doctor had just thought. But common sense set in, of course this second opinion by a specialist prompted me to have an MRI, was told of my severe situation and the pretty big tumor that was happy to piggy back in this dis eased section of my internals. That evening I was operated on, my main intestine removed and the tumor, which was 6cm in size and was cancerous! Today, fortunately I am ok...and still need regular checks, but having my problem and the great amount of toxicty that was injected over the week of being in hospital, I feel now has only just been expelled because of my maintenance which is extremely important, maintaining my gut health and high immunity. I express from the heart, how poisonous some of these ingredients are in your everyday products from the kitchen, laundry and the bathroom, the processed foods etc, emotional traumas which is only something we hang on to because we think they are important, but are not, may put you into a high price bracket of affecting your health and your life! Contact me,may be I can help you further.


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